On my phone because the computer isn’t working, so this’ll likely be short.

One week out and we’re doing okay, all things considered. We both miss our baby tremendously but we don’t have any guilt or shame or terrible remorse about our decision. If we had to go back in time and do it all again, we would make the same choice. It was the right one for us.

Nights are hard though. The grief tends to sneak up on me then. But that’ll get better with time.

Physical recovery is going okay. I’m slowly feeling more back to normal and the pain has been mostly manageable. Cramping is still an issue if I overexert myself and fatigue is overwhelming most of the time but that’s to be expected, given everything.

I go back to work tomorrow, which will be a welcome change of pace and a good distraction.

Thanks for the continued good thoughts, everyone.


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