On Focusing

Look, I’m feeling tired and very, very sick (morning sickness is All Damn Day sickness over here), so this is gonna be short.

J and I have decided to focus on cheerful things after the procedure, in order to help get our minds off things and to help with his mental illness (that’s a thing. I’m not discussing it here, but it’s serious and it’s another factor in why we made our decision.) We’re amassing TV shows, like Leverage and Modern Family that will help be a distraction, but we could use recommendations for books/movies/shows/things to do.

We’ve also decided to go balls to the wall this Christmas because we think it will be healing. It’s our first Christmas together though and we’re looking for traditions to start. We’re gonna try and pick up an Advent calendar today (and probably fill it with a Lego set that we can assemble together) and we’ve decided that Christmas Eve will be when we get new pajamas but we’d love to hear your favorite family traditions, if you’d like to share.

Thank you, everyone, for being so kind and supportive during the past week. We can’t thank you enough.


2 thoughts on “On Focusing

  1. I’ve been a silent follower of your blog for a while now, I just wanted to let you know you guys have both been in my thoughts. The word brave gets thrown around on the Internet a whole lot (sometimes comically, SO BRAVE!) but you, ARE brave. I know you know this is the right decision for yourself (and no one knows better than you! I hope people have been respectful about this) so I’m going to hope for peace and comfort for you both. As for Christmas traditions, I don’t think we do anything too out of the ordinary (we do a mimosa bar with our brunch with different fruit juices/fruit to mix in, maybe that is slightly different?) so I hope you get some great ideas to make you smile!

    • It isn’t at all difficult to make me cry these days (hormones, man) but this is making me all teary. Your words are so kind and thoughtful in a difficult time. Thank you, so much.

      (And the mimosa bar is an EXCELLENT idea that I will be stealing immediately, oh yes.)

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