I am full of good ideas.

Me, looking at our overripe bananas: You know what we need? A banana…

Mom: Machine?

Me: Of course not. That would be silly. What use would a time machine for bananas be? You’d be crossing your own time stream every time you wanted oatmeal. It’s no good.

…I was going to say stasis.

Mom: Because that’s not ridiculous at all.

Me: You shut your unbelieving mouth.


The lies I’m telling myself today.

Adam and I breaking up doesn’t hurt all that badly. It’s not my fault. Or my depression’s fault. I will totally get through this and be forged from tougher stuff.

Everything is fine.

You know that feeling

where you are so thrilled for a person that whenever they pop into your head, you start grinning and can’t stop?

My friend Shalini wrote a book! And I can’t stop smiling. Because she is charming and funny and thought-provoking and one of the most loving and supportive people I have the profound honor of knowing. Honestly, if I could crumble her up in a totally not weird way and then sprinkle her on cinnamon toast, I totally would.

Her book comes out in a tad less than a month. It’s a love story and, from the snippets I’ve read here, it’s a book that I am looking forward to settling in with a hot cup of tea with and enjoying with all my heart.

I can’t wait to put this book on my shelf.