And after a month…

the thing that finally got me to come back? Was a story about a water fountain.

Yeah. No. I don’t know either. Maybe skip this one.

So, I’m being shuttled around to different work sites lately to work on big! projects! Which means 1) I don’t know where anything is, 2) I tend to not know who anyone is, 3) I don’t know if things work. Like the coffee maker the other week. The coffee maker didn’t work. It made me sad. I may still not be over it.

Anyway, I’m at my third new location in a month this week and I’ve got this cough that I can’t seem to shake (probably because I haven’t had enough time to rest and I am stressed. out.) but I’ve got some handy-dandy decongestant that I can take that makes me feel like I’m not going to scare people into thinking I have the plague or something. I’m a giver like that. And the decongestant says “take with a full glass of water”. So, no big, I grab my pill and mosey over to the water fountain with it and…huh. I…there…I’m pressing?…why is there…no water?

…Did I just spontaneously forget how to work a water fountain? Is that a thing that 25-year-olds do?

One of the guys there, one of the ones I knew thank goodness, came over to help me out.

J: Um. Yeah. Our water fountain doesn’t work.

Me: Yes…I was afraid of that. 

J: And when it does work it just trickles all the time. And it’s probably a good thing that it’s broken, since the last time it worked the water was all…greyish.


J: Well, it’s I can either turn on this one to show you or the bathroom sink.

Me:…You…you can turn on a water fountain?

J: Uh. Yes? You didn’t know that?

Me: I thought it was magic! I thought it just appeared out of nothingness! I should maybe not be allowed to be an adult!

J: Yeah. It’s just…it’s got a knob right down here.


J: Uh. Yes.

*reaches down to turn knob, fountain begins to to gurgle in a sad manner*

Me: Oh! Well. That’s like a water feature! It’s kinda soothing, actually…It’s like one of those relaxation fountain things. Just…smaller. And…sadder.

*presses bar to activate fountain, fills up cup, looks inside to see clear water, shrugs, drinks*

J: I just remembered that we have bottled water.


J: Yeah. I just remembered that.

Me: Wait. You are telling me that we just spent the last five minutes chatting and then there was some fucking magic involved in fixing the fountain and it’s like we went on a damn quest, like freaking Lord of the Rings or something, and you already have, readily available, what we’ve been after this whole time? OH NO, NOT THAT I AM BITTER ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING OR ANYTHING.

So, you know. Everyone thought I was a bit crazy after that, what with all the arm flailing and death glares*. Oh, well. Tomorrow is my last day there anyway.

*There were no death glares at J**.

** Especially since 10 minutes after our conversation, he snuck a water bottle onto my seat and it made me laugh.


4 thoughts on “And after a month…

  1. I wouldn’t have figured just anyone could turn a water fountain on/off. You’d think they’d hide that from the masses or something so only the maintenance people could do it.

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