And we have a contest winner!

Actually, winners.

I chose two, but it was really, really hard to only choose two because HOLY CRAP you guys are freaking hilarious. It was totally a little bit like Sophie’s Choice. (I READ THE BOOK. I CAN MAKE THE REFERENCE.)

So, MLE and Tara! You guys won! I still haven’t shopped for your prizes! I am the worst contest thrower IN THE HISTORY OF EVER.

DM me on Twitter (or, if it’s more convenient for you (hahahaha, because an actual email is more convenient than Twitter! I crack my shit up sometimes.) you can email me at kdj003 at gmail dot com) with your address.

Thank you, everybody, for commenting with your slogans. Y’all are a hoot and a half and I’m now convinced that I know the funniest people on the Internet. Y’all are great.


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