Update, Musings, Confessions, and a DESPERATE PLEA FOR ADVICE

The update: My coworker sent me a picture and DEAR GOD he actually does look like Chris Hemsworth, except brunette. I would post the picture but 1) that would be weird, 2) that would be wrong without express permission, 3) THE PICTURE IS MINE, ALL MINE, AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BECAUSE THEN YOU WOULD WANT HIM AND HIS PERFECT, SULTRY EYES TOO.


It would be really rad to live like in “Killer Queen” and it is kind of a new item on my life list and, no, I don’t know exactly how I will become “dynamite with a laser beam” but I think that it might involve a foray into physics and I AM OK WITH THIS.

Also, now I want cake.


I was going to go to Half Price Books on Sunday (they were having a sale for Memorial Day) and so I got on my Goodreads profile to see what I had marked in my “to-read” list because if I DON’T have a list I go in there and have no stinking idea of the author’s names and then I can’t find anything that I’m looking for.

Anyway, I got on Goodreads and then I got on my Nook’s shop because I do enjoy a lot of classical literature and Barnes and Noble really does a bang up job in their selection of classics that are either free or only a couple dollars. I will always enjoy a physical copy of a book (the battery life goes on forever! save print! books smell nice!) but “free” or “only a couple of dollars” will ALWAYS trump “half price plus an extra 20% off”.

You guys. I bought 173 books. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THREE. Albeit most of those were in bundles of 25 or 50 for a dollar (ONE. ONE DOLLAR. Which is PENNIES per book and I know that I was never all that amazing at economics but HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!?) but still.


It’s like a went into some kind of FUGUE state.

(I did pay full price for The Song of Ice and Fire series because I had to have it. And then my bank called and was all “fraud? Because everything else is under five dollars?”



My last scheduled vacation is coming up at the end of next week. The observant among you might have realized that I JUST GOT BACK from vacation. Yeah. I forgot that “May” is right there next to “June” when I scheduled it. The coffee must have been defective that day.

So, in order to not lose the time that I worked my ass off for, I’m out for another five days. I’m going on a road trip to Fredericksburg. And here’s the thing, Internet: I have never really traveled alone. I have either flown alone (twice. And those times have only been in the last 6 months.) and been meeting amazing people in order to hang out with them, or I have done small road trips with past boyfriends.

I have never had a vacation that was just me. I have also never driven more than 20 miles away from home.

There’s where you come in my lovely, beautiful friends. I need you to tell me what I should do for an awesome roadtrip. I know that I’ll need to buy a new GPS unit because my old one no longer talks (the bitch) and I NEED the talky part. I would use my phone but service in the past has been…shoddy. No offense, but I don’t want to put my life and sanity in Sprint’s hands.

I think I’ll probably hit the local wildflower farm and drive up to Enchanted Rock for a hike (look at me seeming all outdoorsy!). But everything else? I have no idea. It’s basically small towns down there in Hill Country (which I like because if I wanted to eat at a Chili’s and go to Target I would freaking do that here) but San Antonio is an hour or so away, at least according to Google. What makes a road trip fun for you? Do you stop at every World’s Biggest along the way? Do you stay in the small towns and absorb the adorable? Do you go for the big cities every chance you get? What do you do if you get bored of yourself?

Really, I’m looking for any and all advice you have on this, Internet. Everything from snacks I should bring to awesome music to sing to in the car (I’ve taken to pretending that I’m this lady whenever I’m singing in the car and I can’t look back and see my accompaniments because I am concentrating on the road and what do you want me to DIE?!).



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